Mail Order Zombie: Episode 107

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You know how a zombie must be after gorged itself on a family of four at the Zombie Jamboree Picnic? Full? Stuffed? Almost bloated? Well, Episode 107 of Mail Order Zombie is just as full. Need-a-Nickname Scott brings the news in the Zombie Beat. Brother D brings a review of Zombie Doom (thanks Debby D.!). Dr. J brings a new installment of Med of the Dead. O'Day brings his thoughts on the "Urban Survival" episode of Man vs. Wild. Miss Bren brings an apology for suggesting the Mail Order Zombie watch the "Urban Survival" episode of Man vs. Wild. The Family gets all this, plus updates on THREE contests, and even Skeptical Zack sneaks in a review of the book
Kings of the Dead by Tony Faville in the Feedback Discussion!

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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod)


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