Mail Order Zombie: Episode 154 - Resident Evil: Afterlife, Med of the Dead, MOZ Family-submitted reviews

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Brother D and Miss Bren took a mini-vacation this past week, but thanks to the MOZ Family, we still have Episode 154 ready for download. The following MOZ Family Members contributed to the show this week: Silent Death (Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry), Coffin Nail Neil (Kings of the Dead by Tony Faville), 'dillo (Boy Eats Girl directed by Stephen Bradley) and Zombart (ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction directed by Kevin Hamedani). A new installment of Med of Dead also appears this week courtesy of Dr. J (and his assistant). Brother D can't get away from zombie movies for too long, though, as he'll review and discuss Resident Evil: Afterlife (dir. Paul W. S. Anderson) with Miss Bren and Need-a-Nickname Scott.

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