Mail Order Zombie: Episode 153 - Not Even Death, Mutant & Mutants

Download Mail Order Zombie: Episode 153 here!

The final 2010 episode of Mail Order Zombie, and Brother D gets . . . Mutated? Mutant'ed? Frenched? In Episode 153, he runs a Mutant double feature and reviews the 1984 movie Mutant (dir. John Cardos) and the 2009 film Mutants (dir. David Morlet). Before getting hit with the double dose of mutation, he reviews the short zombie movie Not Even Death (dir. Monica Winter Vigil). Also in the episode, an announcement is made about the 3rd Annual Mail Order Zombie Dead Letter Awards and if you listen carefully, you'll get to hear where D will be for at least part of New Year's Day. Need-a-Nickname Scott and Miss Bren round out the episode.

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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod.)


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