Mail Order Zombie: Episode 040

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​Another week, another episode of Mail Order Zombie! This week, Brother D pushes the limits and explores all new depths in zombie cinema when he reviews House of the Dead, House of the Dead 2: No Guts, No Glory and the Director's Cut of House of the Dead, the Funny Version . . . all at once. To try to keep his sanity, he also (inspired by the award-nominated Outside the Cinema podcast) presents his Top 5 List of Best Zombie Movies to Play at Your Halloween Party (and then Bill from Outside the Cinema decides to drop by with a list of his own!), and if that's not enough to help keep Brother D straight, one of the MOZ Family helped out by calling in a quick review of a kinda-sorta zombie movie released by Full Moon a few years ago. Maybe that wasn't enough to keep Brother D level-headed because he does make a phone call this week (NOT to Netflix!) that may get him in trouble down the line! Miss Bren drops by for the weekly Feedback Discussion, and the answers to the current ZAT question are gone over before a new question is posed to the family. Also, we're still running that contest to give away one of three copies of the book Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide by Glenn Kay - listen to the episode to learn how you can win!

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Cockneys vs. Zombies at Shock Till You Drop
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Mail Order Zombie: Episode 006

Reviews of Eclipse of the Dead and The Roost are lined up for Episode 6, plus plenty of zombie news and a new ZAT question. Brother D also calls out his own brother about a particular zombie movie franchise. Get heard on the show! Call the voicemail line at 206-202-2505. Or email the show at

Korean zombie film GP 506
Chilean zombie film Solos - and and
Worst Case Scenario -
Zombie Strippers
Zombie wedding in Kansas City

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 005

Episode 5 is our first Listener Request episode! The Quick and the Undead and Fido are up for review this week, and you can expect all the regular features - Zombie News, the ZATs, Feedback and all the rest! Let's do it! Call our voicemail at 206-202-2505!

Teenage Zombies available for free at Brightcove
Edges of Darkness completes post-production
The League of Reluctant Adults' Top Ten List of "Grrly" Zombie Movies
Beyond the Grave nears completion
Zombie rock opera Zombieoper now available

R.I.P. John Polonia

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 004

Three movies this week! Episode 4 has been brought to you by the letter D; we review Dead Meat, Deadlands: The Rising and Diary of the Dead. We shed a little light on a few other podcasts doing zombie reviews this past week or so, and drop some knowledge as we go over this week's zombie news. The ZATs and show feedback flesh out this episode of Mail Order Zombie - here we go!

MKR Group Lawsuit
Doris Roberts plays a zombie
Amoke Time's zombie action figures announced

Texas Frightmare Weekend

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 003

Episode 3 is a Valentine's Day theme episode! We review Zombie Love, and Brother D and his wife cuddle up to watch Land of the Dead to get ready for the upcoming theatrical release of Diary of the Dead. We also hit the Zombie Beat for some more zombie news, and the Zombie Sightings namedrops a few other podcasts. We also have a new Zombie Aptitude Test question, so get your pencils ready! Want to be heard on the show? Call our voicemail at 206-202-2505!

Dead Country trailer
The Book of Zombie
Diamond Dead back on track?
Zombies of Night trailer

Zompire: The Undead Film Festival

Zombie Love

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 002

In Episode 2, we review Days of Darkness and Skin Crawl, hit the Zombie Beat for a few pieces of zombie news, and thank Frank for Fluxxing me. We also play your voicemails and go over last week's Zombie Aptitude Test. Want to be heard on the show? Call our voicemail at 206-202-2505!

RKO Remake News
Dead Air Trailer
Diary of the Dead clip

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 001

Download Mail Order Zombie: Episode 001 here!

In Episode 1, we review Undead or Alive and Zombie Rampage, gripe about Diary of the Dead not getting a bigger release, and talk about the bald guy at Guitar Center. Check it out, and then let us know what you think! Call us or email us!

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 000.5

Call it Episode 1/2 or Episode 0.5 - just make sure you listen to this episode to find out what's coming in Episode 1!

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 000

This is it! Episode 000 is a preview and brief introduction! Find out what Mail Order Zombie is going to be about before the show's launch the evening of January 31, 2008!