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Brother D joined Vince, Mary & Nic for an episode of The B-Movie Cast!

On Today’s episode: The Carnival comes to town!

On today’s show Brother D from the Mail Order Zombie podcast our favorite zombie expert will join Nic, Mary and me for Part 8 of our Hammer film series. This time we’ll talk about a creepy and vastly underrated Hammer film Vampire Circus from 1973 and Synapse Films new Blu-Ray/DVD release.
Plus we have some great feedback.

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Mail Order Zombie is three-years-old, and we celebrate with three more zombie movie reviews! This week, Brother D reviews Adventures in Zombie-Sitting (dir. Beau Batterson), Fear No Evil (dir. Frank LaLoggia) and Night of Redemption (dir. Paolo Carascon and Michael Haboush). Also, December's Zombie Aptitude Test answers are finally reviewed, there's some near-changes at the Zombie Beat Newsdesk and Miss Bren regeals us with stories of ziplining in Vegas in the Feedback Discussion.

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The Zombie Farm arrives on DVD March 8th, 2011

Maya Entertainment will release The Zombie Farm on March 8th, 2011. Part zombie, part voodoo! Desperate to end her husband’s domestic abuse, a young woman seeks asylum from a local voodoo priestess. When warned that her husband (Khotan) may “change” if given a special potion, the abused wife is relieved. But waking up in bed next to a zombie isn’t exactly the transformation she was hoping for. Her once violent husband becomes the leader of a zombie uprising, terrorizing, and then converting the townsfolk into undead assassins. Clearly, some things are far worse than death.

The Zombie Farm was filmed in both English and Spanish. It has a running time of 90 minutes and is not rated. Khotan (El c├írtel, Dame Chocolate), Adriana Catano (Cotorreando), Roberto Montesinos (Hawthorne, Gridiron Gang) and Monika Munoz (Rebelde) star in director Ricardo Islas’ (Lockout, Night Fangs, Headcrusher) trip into the horrifying world of the undead where voodoo and zombies collide. The Zombie Farm will be available on DVD for $27.98 SRP.

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Thanks to MOZ Family Member Flitzer of the Dead, we have a recording from Das Weekend of Horrors which took place in Bottrop, Germany in November 2010. This question-and-answer session features one of our favorite cousins - Tom Savini. Flitzer of the Dead worked with Sebastion from the website to provide this audio.

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Brother D and Miss Bren took a mini-vacation this past week, but thanks to the MOZ Family, we still have Episode 154 ready for download. The following MOZ Family Members contributed to the show this week: Silent Death (Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry), Coffin Nail Neil (Kings of the Dead by Tony Faville), 'dillo (Boy Eats Girl directed by Stephen Bradley) and Zombart (ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction directed by Kevin Hamedani). A new installment of Med of Dead also appears this week courtesy of Dr. J (and his assistant). Brother D can't get away from zombie movies for too long, though, as he'll review and discuss Resident Evil: Afterlife (dir. Paul W. S. Anderson) with Miss Bren and Need-a-Nickname Scott.

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Episode 153.5 - "Zombies: Origin of the Species" panel from Norwescon 33

Download Mail Order Zombie #153.5 here!

The time? April 3, 2010, 3pm. The place? Norwescon 33. The panel? "Zombies: Origin of the Species." The panelists? Steven Barnes, The Reverend En Fuego, Mark Rahner. The moderator? Derek M. Koch (aka Brother D).

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