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Brother D survived his triple-booked weekend and he's here in episode #193 of Mail Order Zombie to talk about it!  He attended the world premiere of I Heart Monster Movies (dir. Tyler Benjamin), went Howl Con (the first annual werewolf convention), and watched a handful of short movies at Zompire, the Undead Film Festival.  When he wasn't watching movies and hanging out with werewolf enthusiasts, he also reviewed the 2012 zombie movie Remains (dir. Colin Theys) and the Monster Pictures' compilation release Ultimate Zombie Feast.  Need-a-Nickname Scott brings the latest and greatest in zombie news with his Zombie Beat, while Jimmy and Eric from Galactic Gaming News has zombie video game news.  Throughout this episode, you'll hear the entries from the listeners trying to win the drawing for the book The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion, and, of course, Miss Bren will help round out the show in the Feedback Discussion.  Other things to listen for in this episode: a list of important werewolf films throughout the history of cinema, a zombie . . . er . . . living impaired running for political office, an Easter Egg, some real talk about RA, and the startling revelation that there might be something out there that makes Brother D feel pretty.

INTRO (00:00)
CABIN ENTRY #1 (20:08)
HOWL CON (21:11)
NIC BROWN (26:46)
CABIN ENTRY #2 (45:27)
CABIN ENTRY #3 (1:03:42)
REMAINS (1:04:46)
CABIN ENTRY #4 (1:18:00)
ZOMPIRE (1:19:11)
CABIN ENTRY #5 (1:34:11)
FEEDBACK (1:35:51)

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Mail Order Zombie #192 - The Cabin in the Woods & Looking ahead to Zompire

Download Mail Order Zombie #192 here!

After YEARS of being completely honest with the podosphere at large about his feelings regarding Joss Whedon, Brother D FINALLY watched The Cabin in the Woods (dir. Drew Goddard).  Does it change his world?  Does it make him a Whedonite?  Does Miss Bren join him in watching the movie?  You'll have to listen to Episode 192 of Mail Order Zombie to find out.  When he wasn't watching The Cabin in the Woods, D interviewed Gwen Callahan, one of the forces behind this year's Zompire vs. The H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival (October 12-14).  During the interview, you'll find out what movies are playing that weekend and which movie will be turned into a drinking game.  We return to Silent Death's Bunker for further thoughts about the television series "Revolution" (and a theory behind why Milla Jovovich won't return Need-a-Nickname Scott's phone calls); Jimmy and Eric from Galactic Gaming News give us the latest in zombie videogame news; we read some emails and listen to a voicemail in the Feedback Discussion; and there's a contest announced SOMEWHERE in this episode . . . but telling you where or when would be spoiling the surprise.  While this is a SPOILER-heavy episode, we aren't going to spoil THAT!

INTRO (00:00)
SILENT DEATH (1:32:19)
FEEDBACK (1:39:23)

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Zompire: The Undead Film Festival Rises from the Grave!

The organizers of Portland’s own H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival are resurrecting the beloved Zompire: The Undead Film Festival, dedicated to highlighting various filmmakers’ creative attempts to show the undead in new and unexpected ways.

Join us on October 13-14th at the Clinton Street Theater (2522 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR) for a special two night ‘Zompire VS The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival’ event, featuring fright flicks to get your Halloween season off to a great start! Get an early start at our no cover pre-party on Friday, October 12th at 11 pm at The Lovecraft Bar, Portland’s own horror-themed watering hole. Mingle with other horror film enthusiasts over drinks and a few selected short films.

On Saturday, October 13th, at 6 pm, we’ll be showcasing independent zombie and vampire short films, such as the award winning “Threnody” by female genre filmmaker Tyrrell Shaffner, “You are So Undead” by Alex Epstein (head writer for Charlie Jade), “Dead Friends” by Stephen W. Martin, “Blue Hole” by Erik Gardner, and many more. At 9 pm, attendees are encouraged to participate in our first annual Undead Costume Contest with special Guest Judges the Living Dead Girls and Eraserhead Press. Prizes include swag generously donated by The Lovecraft Bar, Liv Rainey-Smith, The HPLHS, and Sigh Co. Graphics. Saturday night’s revelries culminate with a special presentation of the 80’s classic vampire tale “The Lost Boys.”

On Sunday, October 14th, at 6 pm, we’ll be showing shorts and features adapted from or inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, as a preview of the 18th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, scheduled for next May. Sunday’s films will feature the Portland premiere of “The Evil Clergyman,” starring Lovecraft film veterans Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and the late David Gale. Previously unreleased, a rough cut preview was shown at the last HPLFF, and now audiences will have a chance to see this lost gem in its entire restored glory!

New Lovecraftian feature “The Thing on the Doorstep” will make its Portland debut, along with independent shorts from around the world including “The Shunned House” from Seattle’s Maelstrom Productions, “Odokuro” by Aurelio Voltaire, narrated by Gary Numan, and “The Captured Bird” (Best Short Film Fant-Asia Film Festival) by Jovanka Vuckovic, former editor-in-chief Rue Morgue magazine.

For more films and schedule info visit
Tickets are available at
Advance weekend passes are $20. Advance single night passes are $12. Prices will be slightly higher at the door.