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Yes, it IS possible to have a post-apocalypse without zombies, and this is the first monthly episode of MOZ's Post-Apocalyptic Summer. Brother D reviews the movie Steel Dawn (dir. Lance Hool) and he's joined by Miss Bren to talk about the movies The War Game (dir. Peter Watkins) and Panic in Year Zero! (dir. Ray Milland). We have a question for the PAQ, or Post-Apocalyptic Quiz, post-apocalyptic news, post-apocalyptic movie trailers . . . and the Feedback Discussion (and even the briefest of mentions of post-apocalyptic porn).

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'Phase 7' coming to AMC Theatres

The Argentine apocalyptic horror film Phase 7 will hit theaters on July 13th for a special engagement! PHASE 7 premiered at SXSW and will now join the “Night Terrors” film series where The Collective, AMC Theatres and have teamed up to distribute the best new horror and thriller titles from the festival and international markets to AMC theatres across America.

In Phase 7, Coco (Daniel Hendler, Lost Embrace) has just moved to a new apartment with his wife Pipi (Jazmin Stuart, The Paranoids), who’s seven months pregnant. At first, they don’t seem to notice the growing chaos around them, but when authorities quarantine their building after a deadly pandemic breaks out, Coco joins forces with his off-kilter, but well-prepared and stocked next-door neighbor Horacio to defend his refrigerator and keep Pipi safe. Meanwhile, outside the building, Buenos Aires—and the world as the apartment denizens know it, is disappearing. The world is ending; got ammo? Phase 7 is written and directed by Nicol├ís Goldbart, produced by Sebastian Aloi and executive produced by Steven Schneider (Insidious, Paranormal Activity)

Phase 7 AMC Showtimes:
Wednesday, July 13th at 10pm
Friday, July 15th at midnight
Wednesday, July 20 at 10pm
Friday, July 22 at midnight

Showing at the following theaters:
Austin, TX - AMC Theatres - Barton Creek Square 14
Baltimore, MD - AMC Loews Theatres - White Marsh 16
Boston, MA - AMC Loews Boston Common 19
Concord, IL - AMC Theatres - Concord Mills 24
Chicago, IL - AMC River East 21
South Barrington, IL - AMC Theatres - South Barrington 30
Columbus, OH - AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX
Dearborn, MI - AMC Star Theatres - Fairlane 21
Orange Park, FL - AMC Theatres - Orange Park 24
Independence, MO - AMC Theaters - Independence Commons 20
Orange, CA - AMC Theatres - The Block 30
Burbank, CA - AMC Burbank 16
South Miami, FL - AMC Theatres - Sunset Place 24
Roseville, MN - AMC Theatres - Rosedale 14
New Orleans, LA - AMC Theaters - Elmwood Palace 20
New York, NY - AMC Theatres - Empire 25
Clifton, NJ - AMC Theatres - Clifton Commons 16
Oklahoma City, OK - AMC Theatres - Quail Springs Mall 24
Lake Buena Vista, FL - AMC Downtown Disney 24
Glendale, AZ - AMC Theatres - Westgate 20
Homestead, PA - AMC Loews Theatres - Waterfront 22
San Diego, CA - AMC Theatres - Mission Valley 20
Santa Clara, CA - AMC Theatres - Mercado 20
San Fransisco, CA - AMC Metreon Theater 16
Seattle, WA - AMC Theatres - Pacific Place 11
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Can you count the number of times Brother D drops the "needle-scratching-across-a-record" sound effect into Episode 165 of Mail Order Zombie, your weekly zombie movie and media podcast since 2008? Someone needs to go into his hard drive and delete that .mp3 . . . maybe while they're listening to the two reviews this week? Brother D takes at look at Garden of the Dead (dir. John Hayes) and Super Zombies: Long Live the Dead II (dir. Keith Samland). Some contest winners are announced, and a new contest - courtesy of Top Trumps - is launched, and the rest of the show features what you've come to expect from MOZ - Professor Chad and the Zombie Aptitude Test, Need-a-Nickname Scott and the Zombie Beat and Miss Bren joining Brother D for the Feedback Discussion.

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Pictures from the set of The Walking Dead!

Mail Order Zombie Family Member Spot lives in Atlanta . . . which is where The Walking Dead is being shot RIGHT NOW!

And Spot owns a camera.

Check out these EXCLUSIVE PICS from the shoot, and HUGE THANKS to Spot for contributing this pics to Mail Order Zombie!

Download Disney Indiana #76 here!

Brother D and Miss Bren help out their friends over at Disney, Indiana with a review of the videogame Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. (Hey, there are zombies in it . . . technically!)

From the shownotes of Disney, Indiana #76:

In today’s episode, Tracey and Scott reach the end of their Disney pirate adventure by looking at the 2011 release Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. They discuss how the film came together, who came back and who didn’t, and share their thoughts on the film.

They also spend a little more time in Belle’s Books and review The Art of On Stranger Tides from 2001 and the book the film was loosely based upon, 1987’s On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers.

After a stop into Disney, Indiana’s music store – Silly Symphony Shoppe – our hosts talk about the music of Pirates of the Caribbean and share some of their favorite songs.

Our Hosts then get help from some town residents who share their thoughts on the new Pirates of the Caribbean Lego Video game. Scott and Tracey wrap up the episode by welcoming a new resident to town.

Welcome to Disney, Indiana.
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Go back to May 2011 with Brother D and Miss Bren to the panel 'Zombie or Not?' where they were joined by Mark Rahner (Rotten) and wrestler Ronnie Angel to argue . . . um . . . discuss what makes a zombie/zombie movie at Crypticon Seattle 2011.

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MOZ Presents: The Monthly Munchies: Episode 001

Download MOZ Presents: The Monthly Munchies #1 here!

MOZ Presents: The Munchies is BACK as The Monthly Munchies. On the first Monday of the month, Mail Order Zombie will release a non-zombie-rific episode of horror podcasting, and in this inaugural episode, Brother D takes a look at the DVD release from JABB pictures The Collective Presents Vol. 1: The Meat Eater (and there's a contest to win a copy of this DVD for yourself!) and the Blu-ray releases of Dementia 13 (dir. Francis Ford Coppola) and The Terror (dir. Roger Corman). After these reviews, Brother D welcomes to the show writer/podcaster/film composer/horror enthusiast Willy Greer.

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Download Mail Order Zombie #164 here!

Brother D and Miss Bren are catching their breath after last week's Crypticon Seattle, and the Mail Order Zombie Family is on board to help fill out the show while they unpack and reflect on the con. Need-a-Nickname Scott rocks the Zombie Beat with the best in the past two weeks' zombie news, Tracey brings two book reviews (Breathers: A Zombie's Lament by S. G. Browne and Handling the Undead by John Ajvide Lindqvist), Professor Chad reviews the answers from last month's ZAT and presents this months Zombie Aptitude Test question . . . and while Miss Bren is putting away the dirty clothes and empty suitcase, Brother D sneaks in a review of 2007's Long Live the Dead (dir. Keith Samland). Two celebrities from Crypticon (briefly) found their way into the Crypticon discussion, and if you like Midnight Syndicate, Miss Bren has a way for you to win a copy of their album The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates.

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