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It's the end of Year One here at Mail Order Zombie, and we're going to do what we always do - we've got zombie movies to review. This week, Brother D tries to review the zombie movies Flesh Freaks and Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence. We've got a healthy dose of Feedback Discussion this week as well; Miss Bren joins Brother D to go over the weekly emails and voicemails. Also, the director of Grave Mistake, Shawn Darling, drops by to talk about making his own zombie movie, casting a a grocery store, and what magical things are coming up next for him. Because this is our 52nd week, though, we had to do something special this week, so your two co-hosts announce the official nominations for the 2008 Mail Order Zombie Dead Letter Awards. (The show does run a bit long this week due to the extra content. Next week, we'll be back down to around 1:45 . . . sorry!)

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Dead Snow picked up by IFC Films -
Marc Guggenheim on "Super Zombies" -
John Russo and Russ Streiner at South Alleghany High School -
Emma Stone in Zombieland? -
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Romeo and Juliet vs. the Living Dead -
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