Mail Order Zombie: Episode 085

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We've gathered movie reviews, interviews and zombie news for Episode 85 of Mail Order Zombie, the only zombie and horror movie podcast based out of the Pacific Northwest! Tempe Entertainment's The Brass Ring, directed by William Schotten, and Zombie Abomination: The Italian Zombie Movie Part 1, directed by Thomas Berdinski, are lined up for their Headshot reviews. Brother D interviews Revenant Magazine's Geoff Bough, and Miss Bren chats with Eric S. Brown, author of Season of Rot and World War of the Dead. We're still accepting answers for the current Zombie Aptitude Test, or ZAT (and last month's ZAT answers will be reviewed next week in Episode 86). We had some very interesting questions posed, and Bren and D spend some time going over everyone's emails and voicemails in the Feedback Discussion in the backhalf of the episode. And pay special attention to the Beat this week - there's a contest or two nestled amongst the week's select zombie news!

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