Mail Order Zombie: Episode 091

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Phantasm Month
continues here on Mail Order Zombie when Brother D takes a critical look at Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead. Not only is reality reshaped by the Phantasm films, but the podosphere itself is threatened with not one, but two podcast crossovers. Slug from the Slugcast interviewed Ron Magee and Mitch Brian, the director and writer of Maul of the Dead, the new play from The Coterie Theater. And in one of the strangest podcast crossovers, Brother D reviews the novel Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead for Mail Order Zombie and the IndyCast. We're still taking answers for the current Zombie Aptitude Test question, and Need-a-Nickname Scott brings the week's select zombie news in the Zombie Beat. Miss Bren joins Brother D for the Feedback Discussion near the end of the show. (The scheduled review of Evilution has been pushed back a week and will appear in Episode 092.)

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