Mail Order Zombie: Episode 105

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The Mail Order Zombie Machine keeps rolling in Episode 105 with the first interview of 2010. Richard Griffin (
Necroville, Feeding the Masses, Nun of That, etc.) swings by to talk about his filmography, his affinity for shooting zombies, and his upcoming projects. Jay from the Obscure 80s Rewind Show drops in to help Brother D review the 2009 New Zealand zombie movie Last of the Living, and of course the rest of the usual crew - Miss Bren and Need-a-Nickname Scott - are onboard to round out the episode. (Remember the Create-the-New-MOZ-Promo Contest ends January 31st, which is also the last day you can submit your answer for the current Zombie Aptitude Test!)

(The review of
Eat Me: A Zombie Musical has been moved to Episode 106. Listen to the end of Episode 105 to learn how you can win your own copy of Eat Me: A Zombie Musical, as well as a large t-shirt with the film's logo on it and Eat Me temporary tattoos!)

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