Horror Double Feature - 'Pulse" & 'Sick Nurses'

To commemorate the release of this Horror Double Feature which includes the movies and Pulse and Sick Nurses (Magnolia Home Entertainment), Mail Order Zombie has 2 copies of this set to give away! To enter, email your name and address to MailOrderZombie@gmail.com with the subject heading HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE, and you'll be entered into a drawing which will take place on a future episode of Mail Order Zombie! The deadline is May 19, 2010.

About the movies:

Pulse (Kairo): Before The Grudge, before Dark Water, there was Pulse, one of the scariest films ever made from the master of Japanese horror, Kiyoshi Kurosawa. A group of young friends is rocked by the sudden suicide of one of their own. When his ghostly image appears on their computer screens, something far more horrifying is unleashed. The terror mounts as more deaths and disappearances occur. Kurosawa’s Pulse is a psychologically unsettling tale, which effects will endure long after the chills have subsided.

Sick Nurses: In a neglected hospital, seven young nurses and a respected doctor have been selling body parts of dead patients on the black market. When one of the nurses falls in love with the doctor, she urges them all to get out of the scam. Threatening to go to the police, she is viciously murdered and dies uttering a vengeful curse. Seven days later her tormented soul, longing to find its love, returns. Preying on each of the women’s obsessions and weaknesses, she exacts her horrifying revenge.


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