Mail Order Zombie: Episode 135

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Episode 135 of Mail Order Zombie is BONUS-SIZED! For the final week of The Far East Feast, Brother D reviews the 2005 movie 東京ゾンビ, also known as Tokyo Zombie from director Sakichi Sato, and he’s not doing it alone. In addition to spilling the latest zombie news, Need-a-Nickname Scott joins him for a discussion of this film. Brother D will also take a look at the recent release Zombie Women of Satan from directors Steve O’Brien and Warren Speed. ZomBart attended the recent Monster Mania convention last weekend, and calls in with a running commentary on the event, and Steve and Gord from the BoneBat Show stop by to talk about their upcoming event, the BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Fest. Miss Bren – who’s still allowed on the show despite her encouraging people to sing the Bananapants song(!) – joins Brother D for the Feedback Discussion, which fortunately includes more than just the Bananapants songs. It has the more UNDEAD KARAOKE!

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