Mail Order Zombie: Episode 151 - Silent Night Zombie Night, Death of the Dead, Stag Night of the Dead & Santa Claus Versus the Zombies

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This is the last "regular" episode of Mail Order Zombie of 2010, and Brother D tackles the holiday season by reviewing two Christmas-themed zombie movies - Silent Night, Zombie Night (dir. Sean Cain) and Santa Claus Versus the Zombies (dir. Gary Bonilla). To not get too ho-ho-ho'ed out, Brother D turns to Need-a-Nickname Scott, who joins him for a review of Death of the Dead (dir. Gary King), and then rocks a solo review of Stag Night of the Dead (dir. Neil Jones). Four zombie movie reviews in one episode? It's a Christmas miracle. And you know who else is a miracle? Miss Bren. She braves the backlog of Feedback in this week's Feedback Discussion. Another miracle? Brother D and Miss Bren manage to make it through the Feedback Discussion without COMPLETELY derailing the show.

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