Mail Order Zombie: Episode 157 - The Horde (La Horde), Siege of the Dead (Rammbock), E'gad Zombies, The Dead Don't Dance

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Episode 157 is the Dead Letter Award catch-up episode! Brother D reviews three Dead Letter Award-nominated zombies movies on his own - Rammbock/Siege of the Dead (dir. Marvin Kren), The Dead Can't Dance (dir. Rodrick Pocowatchit) and E'gad, Zombies! (dir. Matthew Butler) - and is then joined by Aaron from the DLA-nominated The Zed Word: Zombie Blog to review and discuss La Horde/The Horde (dir. Yannick Dahan, Benjamin Rocher). That's four movie reviews, plus we have a bonus webcomic review (courtesy of Adorable Kate), the news (courtesy of Need-A-Nickname Scott, who's going on a scouting mission for all of us next week when he and his wife Tracey take a trip Walt Disney World), and the Feedback Discussion (courtesy of Miss Bren). (We had some Feedback about Episode 156.6, and to avoid spoiling Survivors, this Feedback appears at the very end of this episode.)

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