'A Cure for Dead' web series launches!

From director Wes Young, one of the recipients of 2009's Fresh Meat Newcomer Award at last year's Dead Letter Awards, has launched his new web series A Cure for Dead. From the website at http://www.acurefordead.com:

The Series

A Cure for Dead is a new zombie web-series from Wes Young. It’s True Blood meets Zombieland. With this show we are attempting something that has not been tried with the web-series format yet. We want to create a fun, exciting and sexy series that would be like a show seen on HBO or Showtime.

We intend to release two episodes a month with each episode being around five to eight minutes in length.


A ZOMBIE virus has spread across the world. A group of biomedical engineers has been working for the last year and a half to develop a cure that will stop the spread of this vicious disease.

Supplies were low and they became more desperate. Then one day they had it. A successful treatment of the virus led several test subjects to be completely cured.

Not having and abundant supply of resourses at their disposal in their remote lab, they decided to make the long journey to what has now become known as “The District of Nevada”. It’s a heavily fortified city just over the Nevada border. The District of Nevada has a much larger lab that is capable of mass producing the cure they have developed.

Just before the Bio-Engineers leave on the crusade to deliver their cure, one of their test subjects breaks loose in the lab and attacks the four scientists. Their supplies are destroyed and only one vile of the cure remains intact and only one man, Arlin Cann survives this attack.

He now has to take it upon himself to deliver this last vial of the cure and possibly save humanity.

His defense skills are minimal at best. He runs into a Trio of survivalists who pride themselves in their zombie killing skills. Cassie, Emma, and Tread are a rough and tumble team that has survived the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse by sticking together. At first they are reluctant to help Arlin because it goes against their instincts and puts them into excessive danger. But they realize this may be humanities last hope to recover from this vicious plague.

They join him on his long journey to help him deliver and protect the cure from zombies and many others who may want to get their hands on the Cure.

And here's the first episode!


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