Mail Order Zombie: Episode 165 - Super Zombies: Long Live the Dead II & Garden of the Dead, plus CONTESTS!

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Can you count the number of times Brother D drops the "needle-scratching-across-a-record" sound effect into Episode 165 of Mail Order Zombie, your weekly zombie movie and media podcast since 2008? Someone needs to go into his hard drive and delete that .mp3 . . . maybe while they're listening to the two reviews this week? Brother D takes at look at Garden of the Dead (dir. John Hayes) and Super Zombies: Long Live the Dead II (dir. Keith Samland). Some contest winners are announced, and a new contest - courtesy of Top Trumps - is launched, and the rest of the show features what you've come to expect from MOZ - Professor Chad and the Zombie Aptitude Test, Need-a-Nickname Scott and the Zombie Beat and Miss Bren joining Brother D for the Feedback Discussion.

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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod.)


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