Mail Order Zombie: Episode 170 - Post-Apocalyptic Summer - On the Beach

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Our internet connection tried to completely die on us . . . Bren tried to completely die on us . . . but we still have our final installment of our Post-Apocalyptic Summer series, Brother D, Miss Bren and Tracey spend some time On the Beach. Bren and Tracey read the Nevil Shute novel; D and Bren watched the 2000 Australian television mini-series (dir. Russell Mulcahy); all three watched the 1959 film (dir. Stanley Kramer). Also, Brother D reviews the answers from this PAS series' Post-Apocalyptic Quiz, and Bren joins him for another serving of the Feedback Discussion.

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Special thanks to Philip R. Davey for his book When Hollywood Came to Melbourne.

(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod.)


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