Brother D on Dread Media

Download Dread Media #221 here!

Brother D joined Desmond Reddick on Dread Media #221:

In this highbrow, literary episode of Dread Media, Desmond is joined by Brother D in the first installment of Read the Book to discuss Robert E. Howard's horror stories. Then Darryll and Desmond review a film based on another literary masterpiece: Frankenhooker. Songs included: "Opening Theme" and "Closing Theme" from Casonetto's Last Song by Luke Stark, "Frankenhooker" by The 69 Eyes, and "Dead Man in My Bed" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.


  1. KMO said...

    Very enjoyable. I bought 99 Stories by REH for Kindle as a result of listening to the show. I enjoy the H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast immensely, and I'd love to hear an equivalent treatment of Howard's career.

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