Mail Order Zombie #173 - We're BACK, plus Hard Rock Zombies and Pop Punk Zombies

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You can take the zombie movie podcaster out of the podcaster, but you can't take the zombie movies out of his DVD player. Brother D is BACK with Mail Order Zombie, and he's picking up right where he left off with Episode #173. He rocks a double feature of rockin' zombie movies - 1985's Hard Rock Zombies (dir. Krishna Shah) and 2011's Pop Punk Zombies (dir. Steve Dayton). Other old MOZ friends (like Need-a-Nickname Scott, Wayne Kotke and Professor Chad) stop by to catch up with the Family, and Miss Bren joins Brother D at the end of the show to go over some recent feedback. Welcome back, everyone . . . keep on, shamblin'!

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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod.)

RIP James Farentino


  1. Hey kids, fun fact; the director's name on "Hard Rock Zombies" is actually "Krisha" Shah. The typo wasn't discovered until the title sequence was complete and was left in. Looking forward to the review!

  2. I had heard that as well, but ended up going with "Krishna" since that's how he turned up on IMDB. Either way, I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of another one of his movies - American Drive-In - so I wonder how his name is spelled there!

  3. I didn't mention it in the review, but it's definitely what got me interested in tracking down American Drive-In . . . :)

  4. -J.Darling said...

    WELCOME BACK! I'm SO glad to hear you guys again! My Sailor came home from deployment safe and sound and now my zombie/post-apco podcast is back! My year is complete. ;)

    PS If you guys are still planning on a Disneyworld trip this October, let me know! We're holding our wedding a Shades of Green in Disneyworld and would LOVE to grab a bite with the gang! :)

    - The Darling Dead

  5. -J.Darling said...

    PSS - Feverfew (the flowers/herb) is reported to help a some RA! Not sure if that's part of Bren's current regiment, but might be worth checking into! (ASK your Doctor first, of course! I'm just a lowly writer/actress/medical coder!)

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