Mail Order Zombie #176 - Zombedy, Boneshaker, Med of the Dead

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Food poisoning, head colds, rheumatoid arthritis . . . it's going to take a lot more than that to stop Mail Order Zombie! (That's not a challenge . . . seriously . . . it would be nice to be healthy for a week or so here soon, okay?) To keep his spirits up, Brother D reviews the 2008 zombie comedy Zombedy (dir. Michael Maruska). (With a name like Zombedy, it HAS to be a zombie comedy, right?) Silent Death is back with another book review when he takes a look at Cherie Priest's flavored-with-zombies steampunk novel Boneshaker, and Dr. J & KK return for the first time since the MOZ hiatus with a new installment of Med of the Dead. At the end of the show, Bren and D tackle a minimum of Feedback before hitting 'STOP' on the recording program and crawling back into bed.

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