Mail Order Zombie: Episode 110

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We've just about recovered from last week's Dead Letter Awards, and it's a good thing, because we're diving into Round Two of March of the Zombi(e) here at MOZ. This year, Brother D will take a look at some other zombie movies that have had the distinction of being called Zombie, Zombi or some numbered Zombie or Zombi sequel. To kick off March of the Zombi(e) 2010, Brother D reviews Jorge Grau's The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, aka Zombi 3 (and a number of other titles as well!). Also, he'll review Riffle Pictures'
Motor Home From Hell, directed by Ross Payton. This week also includes the first part of a two-part interview with director Brad Sykes (The Zombie Chronicles, Plaguers) and a recording from a recent Max Brooks event in Salem, OR. Miss Bren helps out with the returning Feedback Discussion this week (and it's full of stars), a new ZAT question is posed to the MOZ listeners, and of course, Need-a-Nickname Scott has the news in this week's Zombie Beat.

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How long until the electricity fails?

'Zombies' win appeal
Plants vs. Zombies is top-selling game
Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans"
Shaun of the Dead going to television?
Simon Pegg sets the record straight
J. P. Moore's Toothless to be published by Dragon Moon Press
Brian Keene's The Last Zombie

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