Mail Order Zombie: Episode 113

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Brother D and Miss Bren are about to take to the skies and head to HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis 2010, but they're not leaving you without your recommended daily weekly dose of Mail Order Zombie! In Episode 113, Brother D reviews the just-released-in-the-UK/soon-to-be-released-domestically Survival of the Dead. The Romero-love continues when Ghastly Guy writes in about the Dawn of the Dead boardgame, and Headshot Heather and Zombie Hunter Tony join Brother D and Miss Bren for a runthrough of the game itself (provided courtesy of Bald Zombie). Finally, Richard from Wichita calls in his thoughts of Romero's original film The Crazies and then compares it to the remake (which he reviewed on the show previously). In addition to this Romero coverage, this episode of MOZ brings you survival tips in the form of another installment of Zombie Hunter Tony's Staying Fed in the Land of the Dead, and some knowlede in the form of the ABCs of Zombies courtesy of Mathew from Shelbytownship, Michigan.

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