Mail Order Zombie: Episode 123

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Brother D setting himself on fire, flying heads, zombies on public access television, spontaneous beat-boxing, an old issue of Heavy Metal magazine, ESP, lawyers, dinosaur diets, Saw, Lost, the Zombie Aptitude Test, another dig at Zombieland, Resident Evil 4, Molotov cocktails, infodumps, evil sap, inappropriately confusing The Book of Zombie with something else and Run-D.M.C. - this is Episode 123 of Mail Order Zombie. To be more specific, Brother D interviews Patrick Devaney about his television show Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead, and he reviews Thomas Berdinski's Zombie Atrocity: The Italian Zombie Movie Part 2. Last month's ZAT answers are discussed before a new ZAT question is presented to the MOZ Family, Miss Bren hits up the Feedback Discussion while Need-a-Nickname Scott heads up the news with the Zombie Beat.

RIP Dennis Hopper.

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  1. Corrado said...

    Great interview!!! Great show! Zombie Hunters kick ass!

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