Mail Order Zombie: Episode 125

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We celebrate the 125th episode of Mail Order Zombie with Night of the Comet! Brother D reviews the classic 80s film, and he's joined by several members of the Mail Order Zombie Family when they call in their thoughts on the film as well! An installment of the ABCs of Zombies focuses on the movie, and Catherine Mary Stewart stops by Mail Order Zombie Central for an interview! Daddy might have gotten them uzis, but Brother D brings you the Night of the Comet goodness this week! This episode runs heavy during the Feedback Discussion with Brother D and Miss Bren, and more than once, some bonus beats are dropped.

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The B Movie Celebration
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Newseek's zombie apocalypse

Catherine Mary Stewart

Kelli Maroney

The Ultimate Night of the Comet Fan Site

Send More Paramedics

(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod)


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    Fans can also find Catherine Mary Stewart on her Official Facebook site at

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