Mail Order Zombie: Episode 127

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Three reviews, two interviews and we lost track of how many emails & voicemails we received this week! In Episode 127 of MOZ, ​Brother D reviews 2005's Shock-O-Rama , a kinda-sorta anthology movie from director Brett Piper. Scott Cole (13 Visions) returns with a new installment of Dead Air in which he reviews The Peoria Plague, a 1970s zombie radio drama - you need to hear this review! Also, MOZ Family Members Kim and Julie join the fun this week with a review of the audio drama We're Alive. Brother D caught up with writer Steven L. Frank and artist Ben Glendenning at Crypticon Seattle 2010 where he spoke with them about their comic Zombies vs. Cheerleaders, which Brother D and Miss Bren discuss (don't forget the contest!) before diving into this week's Feedback Discussion.

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The Undead that Saved Christmas charity project
Dead Rising 2 pushed back until September
Laura Shigihara singing the theme to Plants vs Zombies with George Fan
Breck Eisner on The Crazies (2010) - Are they zombies?
Help Zombie Girl make her next film
Zombie Fitness Class
Zombiefit Class video

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