Mail Order Zombie: Episode 131

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The Dead Matter finally hits the shelves July 30, 2010, and the director Edward Douglas drops by for an interview to talk about his movie, his experiences scoring The Rage, working with Wizards of the Coast, his musical career with Midnight Syndicate . . . and Ian Thorne. Also this week, Brother D takes a look at the 2009-/2010 Australian movie The Outbreak (also known as Dreamtime's Over or Prey). This is the final week for the Undead Karaoke Zombie Aptitude Test, or ZAT; the deadline is August 2, 2010. We'll announce the winner of the Sal Lizard signed photo and the DVD of Hillbilly Bob Zombie, which is how we start the Feedback Discussion with Miss Bren. And check out this week's Zombie Beat with Need-a-Nickname Scott - he's got some news about The Walking Dead!

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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod and Midnight Syndicate)


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