Mail Order Zombie: Episode 137

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Brother D and Miss Bren have said repeatedly that one of their favorite things to come from producing Mail Order Zombie is the Mail Order Zombie Family, and Episode 137 features contributions from several members of the MOZ Family. ZomBart calls in from the 2010 Dragon*Con (and he's planning on covering Monster-Mania in mid-September, so if any other mOZ Family Members are attending that con, post about it in the message boards and see if you can meet up!). The crew from the ThirtyNothings provide this week's movie review when they take on Peter Jackson's 1992 film Dead Alive. On a non-zombie movie note, Family Member Silent Death calls in a review of The Last Exorcism. Regular contributor and Voice of the Family Need-a-Nickname Scott is still live at the bunker here at MOZ Central, and his wife Tracey hasn't gotten sick of the zombie lovin' lifestyle yet, so they join Brother D and Miss Bren in talking about their experience at The BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival and PAX 2010. And this week's Zombie Beat is prefaced by a musical contribution from Bald Zombie!

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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod)


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