Mail Order Zombie: Episode 140

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The final day of September brings you just another episode of Mail Order Zombie . . . just another episode PACKED with interviews, reviews and Feedback! Brother D reviews the 2010 LA Beats Entertainment release Zombies Unleashed, and while he was watching that DVD, MOZ Cub Reporter Need-a-Nickname Scott was partying it up at Franklin, Indiana's B-Movie Celebration last weekend, where he interviewed Bo Buckley, the writer of the new zombie movie Death of the Dead. When Scott got home from the celebration, he and his wife Tracey reviewed the book Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin D. Anderson and Sam Stall (and if you listen to the review real close, you'll hear about a contest in which you can win your own copy of the book!). In the meantime, Brother D inteviewed director Justin Timpane, the man behind Ninjas Vs. Zombies and the upcoming Ninjas Vs. Vampires. Also, at one of the many festivals ZomBart has attended recently, he spoke with the forces behind the website 888WuzDead. Of course, Miss Bren rounds out the show when she settles in behind the mic for the Feedback Discussion at the end of the show. (And when the show's over, you can hear an episode of Plan D's Countdown to Halloween.)

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