Mail Order Zombie #174 - The Dead, The Collective Vol. 2, Zombie Videogame Fantasies

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In this episode of Mail Order Zombie, Brother D talks about a zombie movie that's been on his radar since he first heard about it in 2010, but since it has such an innocuous name like The Dead (dir. Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford), it was difficult to find much information about it online before it was released in the UK last year. It hits DVD and Blu-ray in the US this month, and you'll have to listen to Episode #174 to hear if the movie lives up to D's expectations! This episode also features the first of MOZ's occasional Palette Cleansers in which D walks the MOZ Family through JABB pictures' The Collective Vol. 2. After the Feedback at the end of the show with Miss Bren, D takes some inspiration from a recent episode of Outside the Cinema and presents his Top Six List of Zombie Movies That Would Make Awesome Video Games.

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