Mail Order Zombie #175 - DeadHeads, Book Reviews & Resident Evil: Director's Cut

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Mail Order Zombie #175 finds Brother D settling down for an in-depth look at the zombie comedy DeadHeads (dir. Brett Pierce & Drew T. Pierce), and he brings Need-A-Nickname Scott along for the roadtrip . . . er . . . ride. In addition to all this movie talk, this episode of MOZ also delivers reviews of two zombie books (David Moody's Autumn, reviewed by Casey Criswell; and James Knapp's State of Decay, reviewed by Silent Death) and a zombie videogame (Miss Bren reads a Resident Evil: Director's Cut review by Empty Wallet Gamers' Eric Lee Lewis). The Zombie Beat makes its return with Need-a-Nickname Scott's round-up of the latest in zombie news (with an assist from Richard from Wichita), 'dillo brings us a wee bit of fun in the form of a short audiodrama, and the rest of the MOZ Family get in on the act in the Feedback Discussion.

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