Mail Order Zombie #186 - Dust, Don Coscarelli & another Crypitcon panel (plus music by H2Awesome!)

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Brother D takes a short movie-watching-and-reviewing break in Episode 186 of Mail Order Zombie, but that leaves room for a book review from Silent Death when he visits Dust by Joan Frances Turner.  Need-a-Nickname Scott dips his toes into the news with the Zombie Beat, Don Coscarelli tells us a bit about John Dies at the End and we go back to Crypticon Seattle for the panel "Zombies Can’t Run & Vampires Don’t Sparkle: The Psychology of Why We Argue Over What Fictional Things Can Or Can’t Do" with Eloise J. Knapp, Chris Saint, Steve Holetz, and Michael Montoure (with Brother D moderating).  Miss Bren does her best to keep everyone on track during the Feedback Discussion, and the band H2Awesome! swings by with the song "Carl, Stay in the House."

INTRO (00:00)
DUST (12:52)
FEEDBACK (17:48)
PANEL (54:13)

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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod.)


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