Mail Order Zombie #199 - The Walking Dead, Little Dead Man, and Robert R. Best

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It didn't take long for Brother D and Miss Bren to get caught up with the rest of the world. In this episode of Mail Order Zombie, they discuss the first half of Season Three of The Walking Dead. Did the female characters get some respect? Are the zombies still frightening? Would Tom Savini or Danny Trejo have made a better Governor? And what does Silent Death think of Jake Bible's novel Little Dead Man? Or what do Jimmy and Eric of Galactic Gaming News think about an upcoming zombie movie or zombie videogames? And what about Robert R. Best? What's the deal with his zombie novels? Will you listen to Episode 199 of Mail Order Zombie?

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  1. oilerdiehard said...

    I enjoyed the new episode. I am glad to hear you like the new season of The Walking Dead...I think? It sounded like you guys liked it more but you spent 80-90% of the time complaining and picking everything apart, so it sort of clouded whether you guys really liked it or not.

    You guys have a definite point on the treatment of the women in the show. However, it seems like you guys locked on to this and are letting it grind your gears so hard that you were not able to let yourself even like a lot of things, seems like it bothered you so much that you might have missed other aspects of the show. Like some of those episodes (such as the Nicotero directed ep near the end of season 2) were wonderfully directed. Like Ms. Bren kept mentioning the treatment of the women made her seethe through each episode for a quite a while it drove her crazy. Do you think that may have made it harder to enjoy many of the aspects of the show that it got to you that much?

    I thought the Carl flashback before he shot his Mom was wonderful, touching and just re-enforced that his father had been mentally preparing him for this and he has probably put a lot of thought since that talk on what would happen or what he would have to do if one of parents died.

    I thought the entire episode set in Woodbury was great because it gave you that little change, that little breather, that added bit of drama, since the first couple episodes were so action packed, so crazy, it made me really enjoy it the following episode when we got back to the mix of Woodbury and the prison.

    By the way you mentioned Glen Mazzara only did season 3. But actually he took over completely as showrunner from the mid-season break of season 2 onward. Which of course is when things finally picked up in season 2 and got less monlogue-y as you two like to say.

    As far as leaving out some things you wanted to see. Robert Kirkman himself said he has tried to steer the show away from being just like the comic, he does not want everything in the comic to be on the show and he wants things in the show that were not in the comic at all. So that stuff seems to be fully intentional.

    Also you said Kirkman was tangentially involved. But I think you might be underestimating his involvement. I believe he is co-writing some episodes, he is in the writing room, many of the stories on the behind scenes stuff show he is clearly helping the showrunner steer the show, he is there during a lot of the filming. I believe he is actually very hands on and has a large say in the show direction and creation.

    Love the this podcast and 1951 Down Place. Sorry I concentrated only on the TWD in this message, but this episode covered mainly that and I am a big fan of the show so... Thank you for all the work you put in and keep it going.


    Dale Roy / Exploited Cinema podcast

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