Mail Order Zombie: Episode 106

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Let's throw another two (movie reviews) on the fire in Episode 106 of Mail Order Zombie. Eat Me: A Zombie Musical from writer/director Brian Wimer is . . . experienced this week, and because the Portland Grindhouse Film Festival brought in a 35mm print of Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror Brother D and Zombie Hunter Tony couldn't miss an opportunity to see this movie on the big screen. This past Tuesday, the 5-Headshots-out-of-5-rated movie Zombieland was released to Blu-ray and DVD, and since they've already reviewed the movie itself back in Episode 87, Brother D and Miss Bren focus on the release's special features when they talk about the movie this week. Last month's Zombie Aptitude Test answers are revealed, and a new ZAT question is posed to the Family; one contest winner is announced, and a new contest is announced; emails and voicemails; fun, fun, fun!

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