Mail Order Zombie: Episode 109

Download Mail Order Zombie Episode #109 here!

This is the 2nd Annual Dead Letter Awards, Mail Order Zombie's annual awards show in which we honor the nest in zombie movies and media! Joining Brother D and Miss Bren are MOZ Family regulars Zombie Hunter Tony and Headshot Heather, Need-a-Nickname Scott and Tracey (responsible for this year's Pre-Show), O'Day (responsible for most of the event's security), Zedword and Wayne Kotke. Other podcasts making an appearance at this year's event include Plan 9 From Cyberspace; Bloody Good Horror; Dread Media; The BoneBat Show; Outside the Cinema; Night of the Living Podcast; The Gentleman's Guide to Midnight Cinema; CineCultania; Dead Lantern's World Famous Splattercast; The Obscure 80s Rewind; Too Old to Grow Up; The Library of the Living Dead; Seattle Geekly; The B-Movie Cast; Movie Night; Family Movie Night; Slugcast; Action Attraction; Disney, Indiana; The Dark Hours; and Cult Radio A-Go-Go. Patrick Devaney (Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead is presenting the Fresh Meat award, Jason Payne of Gutmunchers and fame will contribute to the Memorial segment this year, and Brother D himself is presenting the Shambler, the Dead Letter Award for Lifetime Achievement. Musical guests include The B Movie Monsters, 400 Lonely Nights (providing music for the Memorial segment), Harley Poe, Adam Paranoia and The Blackrats. Ten DLA Swag Bag prize drawings will take place, and the winner of the Create-the-New-MOZ-Promo contest will be announced. Stay loose, stay safe, and stay frosty . . .


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