Mail Order Zombie: Episode 115

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Brother D and Miss Bren have spent the past two weekends away from MOZ Central, and in Episode 115, they're joined by Need-a-Nickname Scott and his wife Tracey to talk about part of the reason they were away - HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis 2010. While at the convention, Brother D interviewed director Terence Muncy about his movie Hell Walks the Earth and in another interview, director Thomas Berdinski tries to convince Brother D to give The Italian Zombie Movie Part 2 a fair shake! (Due to the conventions taking their toll on Brother D's and Miss Bren's health and sanity, there is - sadly - no Feedback Discussion this week.) Also this week is the new monthly Zombie Aptitude Test question!

Resident Evil: Afterlife in James Cameron's 3D
Ryan Reynolds in R.I.P.D.
First Platoon, a post-apocalyptic zombie comedy
Keaton Manning's short film Zombie wins 15 tons of chicken
Andrew Lincoln cast as lead on The Walking Dead
Valley of the Dead contest

The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2

Warbranch Productions (makers of Hell Walks the Earth)

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(The song "Oh My Balls" appears courtesy of Redneck Roulette and Thomas Berdinski. Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod)


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