Mail Order Zombie: Episode 116

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It's Tax Day here in the US, and Brother D pushes through the tail end of a headcold to give you a break from all your number-crunching and calculator-abuse with Episode 116 of Mail Order Zombie. In this week's episode, Brother D reviews the movie Dead at the Box Office and MOZ Family Member Richard from Witchita calls in his thoughts on the premiere screening of the movie The Dead Can't Dance. Emails and voicemails have been piling up, and Miss Bren and Brother D do their best to knock some of them out (and if you haven't heard your email/voicemail this week, chances are we'll get to it next week or the week after that!)

A Welcome Invasion of Privacy
Undead in the Head Book Reviews
The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema
The Zed Word: Zombie Blog

Harmy Films

Famous Monsters Convention

E'gad, Zombies to play at Cannes
More Night of the Living Dead: Origins images
Countdown to Dead Genesis premiere
Canadian DVD and Blu-ray release date set for The Crazies (2010)
20 Days of the Undead on XBOX 360
Third annual Myrtle Beach Zombie Walk
Zombie Doughnut Cafe opens in New Mexico

(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod)


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