Mail Order Zombie: Episode 118

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Brother D pulled himself away from Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing" long enough to review the Italian short The Zombie Connection, written and directed by Marco Magni; and back in March, Brother D sat down with author Robert Freese, and here you'll hear the interview that took place. (Robert Freese will be appearing at Con-tamination 2010!) Finally, because the undead have been getting a little frisky lately, O'Day returns with a new installment of O'Day's MOZ Survival Tips. The Mail Order Zombie Family will get a reminder of the contest that's been running on MOZ since the near-beginning, and at the near-end of this episode, Miss Bren joins Brother D for the weekly Feedback Discussion.

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The Zombie Connection
Robert Freese

Max Brooks talks World War Z movie
Queens Film Theatre 'The Life and Times of the Living Dead'
Terror in the Aisles 4
A Chance in Hell
Spring Break Zombie Cruise 3-D spec script
Dark: A Horror Anthology
Tucker Ray in: Rednecks vs. Zombies
Dead Rising 2 release date
Left 4 Dead 2 mutations
Left 4 Dead 2 "The Passing" Easter Eggs
Zombie Blood Energy Potion

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