Mail Order Zombie #148

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Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for listening to Mail Order Zombie Episode 148, the final week of Rise of the Dead Reich, the Nazi Zombie Movie Month! This week, Brother D casts his gaze into the murky waters of 1981's Zombie Lake (dir. Jean Rollin). On a non-Nazi-zombie-related note, he also spends some quality time with a single zombie in the movie Make-Out With Violence (dir. The Deagol Brothers). When he isn't presenting the weekly zombie news in the Zombie Beat, Need-a-Nickname Scott reviews the novel Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion by Alan Goldsher, and of course, Miss Bren helps keep the show on track when she joins Brother D for the Feedback Discussion. This is the final week for November's Zombie Aptitude Test, and as a BONUS at the end of the episode, we present the very first episode of Mail Order Zombie Family Theatre with the story "Zack Bites Back."

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