Mail Order Zombie: Episode 147

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How do you say the words kilts, lesbian, armageddon, bad acting, good lyrics, nachos, inappropriate use of water fowl anatomy, television, divorce, and, um, Nazi in German? In podcasting language, all these words MIGHT be pronounced "Mail Order Zombie Episode 147." In this week's episode, Brother D reviews the movies Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical from director Rebecca Thomson and Armageddon of the Dead from director Damon Crump. For Rise of the Dead Reich, he takes a look at the 1943 film Revenge of the Zombies from director Steve Sekely. The third episode of The Walking Dead aired here in the states last Sunday, so Miss Bren joins Brother D for another spoiler-free discussion of the television show (it's getting tougher and tougher to stay spoiler-free!), and Need-a-Nickname Scott has the news in the Zombie Beat. This week's Feedback Discussion runs a bit on the long-side this week, so consider yourself warned, but, hey, you watch bad zombie after bad zombie movie with Brother D, right? You can probably handle some extra emails and voicemails from the Mail Order Zombie family!

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