Mail Order Zombie: Episode 145

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Begrüßen Sie zu Woche eine des Aufstieges des toten Reichs auf Bestellungs- per Postzombie. (I'm going to assume Yahoo! Babel Fish got that right!) This is Episode 145 of Mail Order Zombie, and to kick off Nazi Zombie Movie Month here on MOZ, Brother D reviews the 1981 film Oasis of the Zombies. Two videogames get some attention this week as well - when Brother D wasn't watching zombie movies, he was dispatching zombies Old West style in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, and Zombie Farmer was rocking out with them in Rock of the Dead. This past Sunday marked the premiere of The Walking Dead, and when she wasn't recording the Feedback Discussion with Brother D, Miss Bren was watching zombies on TV and reviewing Episode 1 with him. All this, plus the news with Birthday Boy Need-a-Nickname Scott's Zombie Beat!

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