Mail Order Zombie: Episode 162 - The Boneyard & Brokeback Zombie, plus The G.O.R.E. Score's Tony Schaab

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Dead Letter Award winner Tony Schaab (The G.O.R.E. Score) drops by Mail Order Zombie #162 to talk about his current projects, what he's got coming up and gives us a glimpse at Plan 9 (dir. John Johnson), the upcoming remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space (dir. Ed Wood). Additionally, Brother D reviews 1991's The Boneyard (dir. James Cummins) and then chats with JD Fugate (recorded at HorrorHound Weekend) before reviewing his movie Brokeback Zombie. Miss Bren joins the show - as always - for the Feedback Discussion, and we announce the winner of the Zombie - Eat Fresh t-shirt (provided courtesy of T-Shirt Bordello). And check out the news - Need-a-Nickname Scott put in some overtime (and still isn't getting paid) and has put together and extra-special slice of Zombie Beat.

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Square Enix gets Dead Island distribution rights -
World War Z videogame concept art -!5796507/the-world-war-z-game-that-could-have-been
Anthony Mackie offered World War Z role -
Mireille Enos in talks for World War Z role -
Attack of the Moon Zombies world premiere -
ParaNorman -
LA Zombie will screen in New Zealand film festival -
Rise of the Governor, the first The Walking Dead novel -
The Zombie Autopsies -
Library of the Living Dead: Your Guide to the Miller Library at McPherson College -
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(Various production music produced by Kevin MacLeod.)


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