We censored a video?

On Twitter, there was some back-and-forth re: a video that MOZ supposedly had censored. We didn't know anything about it, and while we definitely question the definition of the word censorship a lot of folks are using these days, we wouldn't discourage anyone from expressing themselves while remembering that free speech doesn't mean uncriticized speech.

We received this email through the Mail Order Zombie email address today.

Hello MOZ Proprietors,

I can assure you that I did not make anything up about the video clip that either your or one of your "family members" had removed.

Another example of unhealthy paranoia on your end. I'm glad all this censorship is working out for you, and I'm sure it is all part of your 3-year plan to total zombie podcast domination.

I had a lot of back and forth with the video creator about it, and he doesn't want to stir things up anymore -- or else I really would have had fun with this on my blog and podcast. I consider him to be a friend, and he asked me not to talk about any of it specifically. I am trying to procure said video so I can host it myself.



  1. Corey said...

    Thank you all for posting my name, contents of a private email, and personal information on this site (wife, son, profession, etc.). This was done without permission, and have requested that it be removed.

  2. Rotting Mike said...

    I second Damocles66's comments and questions.

    I used to be a regular listener of Corey's cast and it took a turn I didn't want to follow. :(

  3. Damocles66 said...

    (Please delete earlier post)

    As an interested observer, could you reference what this video clip is that was censored? Where it was censored from - and exactly how Derek, Bren or some unknown other person beholden to them dropped the hammer on a specific artist's creative endeavor?

    Secondly, you discuss unhealthy paranoia, and one sentence later you accuse them of plotting "total zombie podcast domination" - Seriously? It's podcasting. Not international global banking - podcasting. Somebody with a mic talking about Return of the Living Dead.

    I find all this anger and bile a little sad. You're intelligent, successful, talented, happily BLANKed, a BLANK of a BLANK you BLANK and yet you dedicate so much time and effort to bashing MOZ.

    I have to admit, when you took to attacking Bren, I immediately dropped you. Maybe I'm old school, but picking on women just seems sad. The whole vibe is Mean Girls-ish. If someone put up a photoshopped picture of your BLANK or BLANK and made disparaging remarks regularly about them, how would you feel? For me, as a guy in his 40s, there was no way I personally wanted to be associated with that sort of behavior. I didn't bitch or complain to you, because it's your soapbox, just seems a sorry waste of time to me. Sure, you'll find some people that are like-minded, and I hope that your interactions with them fulfill you. As a man you get to navigate your own course in life, just don't be surprised when some people take a look at the "jokes" you're putting out there and just quietly back away from you. Life's just too short.

    With regards to your website, what happened is sad and unfortunate. It's ironic that you immediately double down on blaming the same people you've been attacking for years, when they've pretty much just sat and taken your abuse.

    Since it's your BLANK, I'd suppose you have a BLANK close at hand, and that such a juvenile stunt could be BLANKed.

    If, as you had stated earlier that you were in fact done with podcasting, I'm sorry it ends like this. You did some good work for quite a while there. Best of luck in whatever you do.

    If you could please extend the same courtesy to others that you seem to require that'd be BLANK!

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