Mail Order Zombie: Episode 163 - Broken Springs, The Frankenstein Syndrome, Dr. Butcher MD; plus Crypticon's Eric Morgret

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This is how Mail Order Zombie celebrates reviewing 300 movies! Brother D and Zombie Hunter Tony (author of Kings of the Dead and co-host of the Wasteland Wanderers podcast) hit Portland's Hollywood Theatre last week for a 35m print screening of Dr. Butcher MD (aka Zombie Holocaust; dir. Marino Girolami, aka Frank Martin) and share their thoughts on it this week (Obrero!); when he wasn't at the theater, Brother D was back at MOZ Central reviewing Broken Springs (dir. Neelet Lawson) and The Frankenstein Syndrome (dir. Sean Tretta). We've got the current Zombie Aptitude Test courtesy of Professor Chad, the contest for 2 ladies t-shirts courtesy of Abner the Comedy Zombie and the Zombie Beat with the best damn zombie news reporter in the MOZ Family, Need-a-Nickname Scott. And the best damn wife in the MOZ Family (sorry ladies!), Miss Bren joins Brother D for the Feedback Discussion.
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